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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermis means skin. Dermal fillers are soft tissue or gel-like substances that are introduced under the skin to fill in the facial wrinkles. This procedure helps in providing a smoother and youthful look. It also restores volume, smoothens lines, and softens creases. These are temporary options lasting for about six months or longer as they get absorbed over time. Some people may need multiple injections to obtain the much-desired wrinkle-free look. Nearly one million men and women opt for this cost-effective method to look younger without actually spending a fortune on surgery.


Benefits of Dermal Fillers –

  • Smoothens lines around nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • Reduces vertical lip lines.
  • Increases the volume of lips.
  • Smoothens the creases on the chin.
  • Enhances and restores volume to sunken cheeks or temples.


Products used in a Dermal Filler

Fillers are FDA approved products that are used by cosmetic surgeons. Always ensure that FDA approved brands (available via licensed practitioners) are used for this procedure. The products used for dermal fillers are:

  •    Hyaluronic acid: It is a substance found naturally in the skin, keeping it plump and hydrated. These are soft and gel-like in consistency. The results are temporary and last from 6 – 12 months or longer. They are usually coupled with lidocaine (an anaesthetic agent) to minimize discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite: This is another naturally occurring substance found mainly in bones. The consistency is comparatively thicker and thus the effects last longer for about 12 months in majority cases. The calcium is almost microscopic and suspended in a smooth gel when used as a dermal filler. They are suitable for use in deeper lines and wrinkles as they help stimulate natural collagen production.
  •    Poly-L-Lactic acid: It is a biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic material which is used in medical practice for years as a suturing material. They are known as ‘collagen stimulators’ since they smoothen fine lines by helping the skin restore its natural collagen. The gel itself starts degenerating in a few days. It is used best to treat deeper wrinkles and results last for more than two years.
  •    Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA): It is a synthetic and biocompatible material used in the medical field for more than a century. Like other dermal fillers, they take the shape of a “microsphere” or tiny balls that remain under the skin providing continuous support. They also contain collagen that improves structure and firmness.
  •    Autologous fat injections (facial fat graft): This is the only filler treatment that requires surgery, but the effect lasts for many years. Your fat is harvested from another area typically through liposuction, purified and injected into cheeks, temples, lower eyelids, or other facial areas to help restore volume. This technique requires specialized training for safe performance and effectiveness. The procedure should be performed only by a certified and experienced doctor. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure, using general or local anaesthesia with sedation. Rest for up to 2 weeks is necessary, depending on the extent of liposuction.
  • Botulinum Toxin type A (Botox) treatment: This procedure of dermal filler blocks nerve contraction, thus freezing the related muscle. It relaxes, reduces and even removes inevitable wrinkles. This is the most efficient, quick and convenient method to tackle the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without surgery. The treatments generally last 3 months, hence repeated injections are necessary.
  • PRP Treatment: PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma facial includes drawing blood, separating the platelets, and injecting it into your skin. PRP is used to treat volume loss in the face, hands, and neck. It is useful for tear troughs, dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines, crepey skin under the eyes, facial wrinkles, acne scarring, and stretch marks by providing skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing effects, and illumination. Platelets play a significant role in wound healing and contain multiple growth factors stimulating new collagen and elastin, triggered over the next 6-8 weeks. The treatment may last up to six weeks in three visits. Mild swelling and redness may be expected, which usually diminishes within 3 days.
  •    Mesotherapy: This is a non-surgical subcutaneous procedure.  Custom formulated powerful nutrients which may include a mix of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, collagen or retinol help to rehydrate and tone up the skin. It is ideal for all skin types and best for use in the face, neck, and under-eye area. It helps in rejuvenation, nourishing, and promoting the production of collagen and elastin, and also induces the metabolism of the skin. Superficial swelling dissipates within 48 hours, longer for around the eye region.

What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation, and how does it work?

What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin resurfacing is a way to treat the skin and reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities. These could be in the form of blemishes or acne scars. In this technique, low concentrated pulsating beams of light are focused on the irregular skin. The affected parts of the skin are removed layer by layer. This procedure is also known by the name laser peel or laser vaporization.

Who needs Laser Resurfacing?

People with irregularities in the form of fine lines and wrinkles on the eyes, forehead, and mouth, or those who do not have sensitive skin after a facelift are perfect candidates for laser skin resurfacing.

Those who have very dark skin and have acne are not suited for laser skin rejuvenation technique. This technique is also not suitable for those who have stretch marks. One should visit the doctor before undergoing the treatment.


What is the procedure for the working of Laser Rejuvenation?

There are two types of Laser resurfacing – carbon dioxide and erbium. The primary aim of each technique is to vaporize the damaged skin cells at the surface level.

  •      CO2 Laser Resurfacing: The method is suitable to use on different skin tissues and should be used to eliminate wrinkles, warts, scars, enlarged oil glands, and many skin ailments. Today, the technique has come up with the newest version in which a continuous light beam or a concise pulsed light energy is delivered in a scanned targeted pattern. This light beam helps remove the thin upper layer. Moreover, skin recovery takes around two weeks.
  •      Erbium Laser Resurfacing: This technique is best to remove the outer surface level of the skin and primarily fine lines. It works well on the face, chest, hands, or neck. The procedure has fewer side effects than others. It includes the minimal burning of the epidermal cells. The recovery is faster than any other form of resurfacing. A doctor can best guide you in selecting the correct technique.


Preparing for Laser Skin Rejuvenation

If you find yourself requiring Laser resurfacing, you should consult a dermatologist or surgeon before undergoing the treatment. However, be careful while choosing a doctor.  An experienced surgeon or skin specialist should be the ideal choice. He can guide you with the best treatment of laser rejuvenation.


What can you expect from the technique?

This procedure does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or facility. The doctors may treat wrinkled or damaged areas, including the mouth, eyes, or forehead. The face loses sensation during the procedure due to the effects of Anesthesia. The entire process hardly takes 45 minutes in general. If there is a need for full face treatment, then it will take approximately two hours.

You might not get the best results in a single sitting and may need consecutive treatments depending upon how the skin reacts to the changes in the epidermis. You may also get delayed effects after several procedures over many years. Despite this, the results may not be permanent, and you might need repeated treatments.


Complications that might occur in Laser resurfacing:

Although the skin resurfacing may not bring you instant results, it does help in improving the overall appearance of the face. The risks that your skin may undergo are:

  •    Sensitive skin may develop burns and injuries while undergoing treatment.
  •    You may develop scars on the surface.
  •    There is a massive change in the pigmentation, which could result in patches of lighter and darker skin.
  •    Reactivation of herpes cold sores
  •    There are chances of developing bacterial infections due to burns.



After the treatment, one has to adjust to several care routines for the skin. If you have undergone surgery, then you will have to wash and clean it at least 2-5 times on one day. For this purpose, you can use a vinegar based saline solution as per doctor recommendation.



After undergoing laser skin treatment, the skin becomes sensitive for up to one year. It is necessary to apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Using a good quality sunscreen can help reduce the risk of sunburn and the sun damage to the skin.


How much does it cost to undergo Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

The average cost of skin resurfacing using the laser technique is $1,114 to $2,124, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, the price may vary depending upon the area on which the procedure is conducted.



Improving home safety for your mental health

Home burglaries and thefts have been steadily increasing over the years. How thieves pick your lock and steal all your belongings has only worsened. Many times, homes left unattended or empty become easy pickings for thieves who are always on the lookout for a fast way to make money. There are different types of thieves – ones that are amateur crooks who often make mistakes, and those that are skilled professionals and conduct surveillance of your home before breaking and entering.

The best way to protect your mental and physical safety is to ensure your home is safe and secure at all times. Having the right security features and measures can make the difference in an attempted robbery. Ensuring your home and property is protected at all times will give an added layer of security to your family and loved ones. Knowing that your loved ones are safe is a tremendous relief, especially for people with elderly parents or senior citizens.

Let us look at how you can improve the safety of your home and help protect your property and loved ones. But before we start, quickly take a walk through your own house and identify places that can easily be broken into.

Upgrade your locks:

Gone are the days when a regular lock would keep a thief out. Have a professional locksmith come and view all the locks on your doors and windows. Once that’s done, you could ask him/her to change the locks and increase the security around the house. Don’t forget the locks on the safety doors, the garage doors, the tool shed, and the property gate. These entryways are crucial in keeping thieves out.

A professional locksmith could help you assess the weak spots in your home like window locks that needs replacing or door locks that are wearing out too thin. Upgrading your locks with newer and sturdier deadbolts can help create a lot of noise since burglars would have to struggle to break them. This noise will create awareness amongst neighbours and people passing by so that they can immediately inform the police. If you need a locksmith in Worthing check out Seymour Locksmiths, a reputable, Checkatrade member.


Home Alarm Systems:

Home alarm systems are probably one of the finest inventions of the 21st century. If you don’t already own one, we would advise you to purchase a good quality home alarm system and have it installed by a professional. Home alarm systems give you the added mental comfort of knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Many home insurance companies also reduce the premiums per annum when they conduct an audit of your home if you have a home alarm system installed. Having the home insurance premiums decreased, extra home security with smart functions, Bluetooth and wireless abilities, and high tech features will surely help reduce any stress or anxiety you might have while you take your next family vacation.



Closed Circuit Television is probably the most significant deterrent to burglars. Knowing that you would be caught on camera and can be jailed is a great way to deter thieves from your house. CCTV camera units placed strategically on the roof, on the front porch, in the backyard, at the corner of the fencing, on top of the roof, in the garage, and on all four sides of the house can quickly ensure that thieves and burglars do not enter your premises. It takes great skill to be able to fool all the security cameras around the house and still commit a crime.

Most burglars and thieves would not bother with the extra work they would have to do to break into your home and would happily walk past your property. Many CCTV companies today offer the option of having the camera footage recorded on their internal servers at a secure location in case you need to provide evidence of a break in. These companies also ensure you have the footage and ability to view your home and property with a few clicks on your smartphone.


Motion sensor lighting:

As the name suggests, motion sensor lighting lights up the entire area when something moves in its path or periphery. Not only does this bring awareness to the fact that someone is walking outside, but even burglars also do not want to be caught in the light. They prefer to stick to the shadows so that they may pass unseen by people. Motion sensor lighting also comes with solar panels to help preserve your electricity bills. Installing motion sensor lighting in the garden, backyard, and around your porch will quickly help identify when there is a burglary about to take place.

Skin Care Tips to Remember

All adults need to realize that there are a number of adult skin issues that can make you look older. This can include anything from pigmentation, dark circles as well as uneven skin tone. That is why skin care is one of the most important things you need to do if you plan on maintaining that youthful vitality.

After all, that precious youthful and glowing skin we all want does not occur naturally. Instead, it comes as a result of consistent upkeep and care. Of course, this can be easier said than done as most people simply have no idea how to go about it. Have no fear, however, as we have you covered. This article presents readers with a simple guide on all the things they need to do to maintain their healthy skin.

The Importance of Skin Care

It is important that readers understand that their skin is perhaps among the most vital components of the body. After all, it is the part of the body that is most exposed to the elements. Thus, making sure that it is taken care of should become one’s top priority not only for purposes of maintaining your beautiful glow but also for various health reasons as well.

That being said, presented below are some of the things you need to do to properly take care of your skin.

  • Hydration is Key – If you want to have great skin then you need to keep yourself hydrated. Alternatively, you can also add a bit of lemon or lime juice to your water to give your skin that extra boost it needs.
  • Cleanse Your Skin Regularly – The best way to prevent the breakout of acne is to religiously cleanse your skin and remove all the makeup before going to bed. Conversely, you would also do well to remember to do this every morning to start the day right. This is crucial as regular washing helps to rejuvenate the skin and help it better perform its essential protective function.
  • Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen – It is no secret that your skin is regularly exposed to the sun’s rays. While a bit of sun can be good for you, too much of it can lead to serious diseases like skin cancer. That is why it is of paramount importance that you protect yourself accordingly. Take note that wearing the right type of Sunscreen can shield you from UVA rays which essentially work to age your skin through prolonged exposure.
  • Moisturize Your Skin – When we say that hydration plays a crucial role in skin care, we are also referring to the extra measures you need to take make sure that all that moisture is kept locked in. This bit of advice hardly comes as a surprise considering that sheer popularity of moisturizers and body lotions. That being said, be sure to apply body lotion on a daily basis, after a bath.

We all need to take care of our skin. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to get that youthful glow.

Do Negative Ions Make you Healthy?

Negative ions are Oxygen molecules that have an extra electron. They have a positive effect on our health, so we must replace positive ions with negative ions if we want to stay healthy.

These ions are found in nature near moving water bodies, like waterfalls and beaches. This is why we feel so refreshed and healthy when we choose to visit these areas after feeling tired or depressed.

Positive ions, on the other hand, make us feel tired and worn out. Most of the electronics and appliances we use generate positive ions. This is why people most people struggle with unexplained fatigue and usually feel drained.

Positive Ions can Hurt you:

Processed foods represent another source of positive ions. They are packed with chemicals that also produce positive ions. They make us feel drained and out of mood by sticking to the negative ions preventing them from recharging our bodies to make us feel refreshed and healthy.

Some people try to add more negative ions to their homes and overcome this problem by installing something in their house that would generate negative ions like a water fountain. But the most natural and most potent solution would be to use less electronic devices and less processed foods when possible.

Benefits of Negative Ions:

Our bodies are made of electrons, and the movement of these ions affects our internal energy. This is what negative ions can do for your health:

  • They increase our energy levels. Adding more negative ions to your life will help you feel more energetic, refreshed, and active. Some people wear watches that emit negative ions that prevent positive ones from affecting their mood and health.
  • They reduce stress and anxiety. If you’ve been feeling irritated lately, try to switch off some of your electronic devices, and you’ll see how positively this can affect you.
  • They fix breathing problems. These ions improve the quality of the air, and air conditioners that use negative ions will make the home feel more energized and fresh. They attach to airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke and other harmful particles that make our breathing difficult and cause allergies.
  • By improving the quality of breathing, they will increase your oxygen intake. More nutrients will be delivered to various organs in the body including the brain.
  • They help our bodies get rid of toxins. These toxins cause cell damage and mutation which can be linked to cancerous tumors.

If you need to get rid of stress and feel more energized, then you should try to increase your intake of negative ions. Head to the mountains or spend more time on the beach to shed off the accumulation of the harmful positive ions. Some researchers think that the Himalayan Salt lamps can help purify the house of positive ions, so you might try to buy one and see how it affects your body. The key is to stay close to nature, which will make you feel healthier and more refreshed.

How to Improve Your Diet

Most people nowadays are opting for a healthier lifestyle. This includes shifting to a better eating habit. This is most certainly a welcome development, especially with the proliferation of all sorts of diseases and conditions related to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Of course, while most people want to make a change in their diets, they simply have no idea how to go about it. Luckily, we have you covered. This article presents readers with a few simple tips on how they can start improving their daily eating habits.

Follow a Well-Balanced Diet

If you are truly serious about your quest for good health, then you need to understand that the human body needs more than 40 different nutrients and vitamins. Needless to say, there is no single food item that can provide you with the complete nutritional requisites. That is why readers need to understand that the key to a healthy diet does not revolve a single meal. Instead, you should frame your diet as a series of balanced food choices over time. Try to avoid the temptation to buy saxenda online and follow a natural weight loss program.

For instance, if you had lunch that featured high levels of fat then perhaps you can offset it with a low-fat dinner. If you had a large steak meal today, then perhaps you can choose to have some fish tomorrow. The worst thing you can do is to overload on one particular food type. After all, everything in excess can be a bad thing. At the same time, you would do well to remember that such a diet will also leave your body needing other nutritional elements.

Understanding Carbohydrates

Nowadays, carbohydrates can get a lot of flak. It has even come to a point when people are choosing to cut it out of their diet altogether. However, as any trained nutritionist would tell you, that is just a disaster waiting to happen. Readers need to understand that carbs provide our body with our energy, so get off your recliner chair and get learning.

Carbohydrates serve as fuel for your body to burn. The most common sources of carbohydrates include everything from bread, rice, and cereals to pasta and potatoes. We highly recommend that you include at least one of these for every meal.

While concerns over carbohydrates are not entirely unfounded, readers should understand that the central concept one should observe here is moderation. This is because cutting out an entire food group from your diet, as one might expect, can lead to serious consequences. These types of diets are usually considered as fad diets, making them unsustainable and impractical.

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Of course, as one would expect, a well-balanced diet would never be complete without the presence of fruits and vegetables on the table. Not only do they serve as vital sources of vitamins and minerals, but they also serve as major sources of fiber. We highly recommend eating them as snacks or as desserts. Just be sure to consume no less than 5 servings a day for optimal results.

These are just a few of the noteworthy tips you should try for a healthier diet. Make sure to keep them in mind.

Sedentary Lifestyle causes Disease

Today, people do not seem to care about the lifestyle they are living in. Children have become physically inactive because of their addiction to computer games, smoking is rampant, and poor diet and nutrition is evident. This lifestyle is called sedentary lifestyle.

When you are living a sedentary lifestyle, you already increase your risk to serious health complications. It doubles the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Did you know that these diseases are the common leading cause of death?

What’s the sad part here is these diseases and sedentary lifestyle is preventable, but it is the person’s decision to move and save his or her precious life. It is our responsibility to prevent this diseases.

With the said risk of having a sedentary lifestyle, health institutions and the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that an individual should have a moderate physical activity each day for 30 minutes and have a healthy diet.

Moreover, vices like cigarette smoking should be ceased.

We have to encourage one another that we have to move and adopt to a healthier lifestyle.

You can also contract diseases from simple things like dirty water make sure you clean your inflatable hot tub.

Herbs and Spices with Wonderful Health Benefits

Since the old age, the use of herbs and spices have been important for the optimum functioning of our bodies. It is now proven by modern science that it really has benefits for the health similar to an essential oil brand you may see around.

Turmeric: It has several benefits, it has an antioxidant property and anti-inflammatory property that can reduce the risk of cancer and diseases.

Basil: It improves immunity and combats infection and growth of microorganisms.

Cayenne Pepper: This herb is said to have properties that can combat cancer. Moreover, it can help those who have to lose weight. Cayenne pepper improves fat burn and reduces appetite.

Ginger: There are several benefits of Ginger, it can reduce pain, nausea, and has an anti-inflammatory property.

Fenugreek: It helps people with diabetes. It can improve the blood sugar level of the person because of its ability to improve the function of insulin.

Rosemary: It has an anti-inflammatory property that prevents the symptoms of allergies and nasal congestion.

Garlic: It can alleviate common sickness. Moreover, it can reduce the LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.