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Application & Renewal Forms

To join the HK Register of Practitioners:

HKI Team has written some helpful notes on the renewal process – what you need to do and where to send it etc.

Please download the notes (see below)

The list of registered HK Practitioners is revised each year in November and you need to renew before the 14th November in order to remain on the listing.

The list appears on the web site (Find your nearest Practitioner) and is also sent to enquirers who ask for a printed version. At present the web site attracts well over 3000 visitors a month.

Join Us

New applications to join the listing are welcome at any time, from those who are qualified to do so. We need more therapists in all regions.

See the link marked HK Training for details of courses and the qualifications needed. New members are normally added to the web site within a few days of joining.

If you are just thinking about joining, but are undecided, details of the training programme are shown on the following page: Training Courses.


Why not phone one of the tutors for an informal chat. You can find details of all our tutors here. The courses are intensive, but great fun and are the first steps towards building a rewarding new future.

Print A Renewal Form

You can print an HKI Renewals 2014-15  here.

The form is in PDF format which means that you need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download and print it. It takes a while to download, so please be patient!

Most computers have Acrobat Reader already installed, but you can download a free copy by clicking the Adobe icon.

Subscription Renewals 2014-15

  • Payment is by Cheque only, sent with your renewal forms (see above)

The annual rate for renewing your subscription to HK UK (including your listing on the Register of Practitioners) is as follows:

Renewals & Practitioners joining HK UK

New practitioners and members who rejoin the listing are welcome at any time. The “year” runs from 1st November each year.

Qualification Level Renewals Before 31st Oct Late Renewals (Rec After 14th Nov)
MFHT / KFRP £25.00 £35.00
AFHT (Associate FHT) / KFA (KF Associate) / NQP £25.00 £35.00
SPStudent Practitioner * £15.00 £25.00

* Student Practitioners can join the listing after authorisation by their tutor of 20 issues based on the HK3 class material.

The revised list of practitioners will be produced shortly after 15th November each year.

All renewals received after 14th November are charged at the higher rate.

New Members

Practitioners are welcome to join us in any month. If you join mid-year, you pay only a monthly equivalent, as shown below, for each month up to 31st. October.

Qualification Level Monthly Rate
MFHT / KFRP £2.70
AFHT (Associate FHT) / KFA (KF Associate) / NQP £2.70
SPStudent Practitioner * £1.50

The application form should contain all the details you will need, but please remember that we need to see a photocopy of your insurance cover each year at renewals.

Where To Send Your Renewals / Forms

The address for all renewals is:

HKI c/o 54 Weaste Lane, Thelwall, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 3JR.

Cheques payable to HKI please.

If you have any queries you are welcome to email the HKI Team at: HKUKregister@gmail.com

HK for the UK reserves the right to withdraw membership or to prevent any member from renewing membership for any reason, for example if the member puts HK into disrepute or due to a complaint. The HK UK register need not give reasons for withdrawals or refusals of membership. Membership criteria may change from time to time without notice.