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by Amanda Jane Brooks on April 12, 2013

Federation of Holistic Therapists

This website is for any HK practitioner or student that wishes to join as a member and to be part of support groups around the UK.
FHT Logo (Hi Res) Whether you practise as a complementary, beauty or sports therapist, the FHT has varying types of membership to offer, depending on your qualifications and experience. www.fht.org.uk.

Regrowing Hair Naturally

by Amanda Jane Brooks on November 23, 2012

This website is for men and women who suffer from hair loss (alopecia) and looks at how Health Kinesiology can help.


Sole Trader by Jane Sheehan

by Amanda Jane Brooks July 9, 2012

Step by step guide to launching a successful holistic therapy business Jane Sheehan, the UK’s leading Foot Reader, has launched her third book, Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook. Jane has incorporated in this latest book everything she wishes she had known when she first set out on her own ‘Sole Trader’ journey. It […]

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Candida Can Be Fun!’ Anti-Candida Diet Cookbook

by Amanda Jane Brooks May 24, 2012

by Rebecca Richardson ‘Candida Can Be Fun!’ is an essential survival guide and specialist ‘free from’ cookbook written by someone who knows what it is like to suffer from Candida-related symptoms. After many years of unexplained health issues, Rebecca Richardson finally found the answer she was looking for when she went to see a Qualified […]

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Alkaline Foods

by Amanda Scott January 10, 2011

Explode with energy by consuming alkaline foods and water. See: http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_of_alkaline_foods.php

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by Amanda Scott September 16, 2010

A young boy was having terrible nightmares, but after some Health Kinesiology™ BioEnergy corrections to help to rebalance his bioEnergetic system, he no longer experienced the nightmares, and was a much happier boy.

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Q15: How Do I Find Out More About Health Kinesiology?

by Amanda Jane Brooks June 18, 2010

There is information on the web site that will explain in more detail about Health Kinesiology™. There is also a list of Practitioners on the site so that you can locate your nearest one. They will always be happy to have a chat you about your particular goals or concerns or you can arrange to […]

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Q14: Where Did Health Kinesiology™ Originate From?

by Amanda Jane Brooks June 18, 2010

A: Health Kinesiology™ (HK) was invented by Jimmy Scott Ph.D. an American Psychologist who now lives in Canada. It originated from principles developed from the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture and from Applied Kinesiology that is used by chiropractors, osteopaths, dentists, etc. Instead of using needles or manipulation, the HK practitioner simply holds various acupressure […]

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Q13: What Are ‘Energy Meridians’ & Why Are They Important To Our Well-Being?

by Amanda Jane Brooks June 18, 2010

A: The ancient Chinese discovered subtle pathways of energy that run around the body just under the surface of the skin. They mapped these pathways and marked various points along the pathways as being particularly significant. They found that these points can be used to release excess/blocked energy from the pathways, much in the same […]

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Q12: Once My Sessions Are Finished Will My Concerns Re-Occur?

by Amanda Scott June 18, 2010

A: Once your original reasons for visiting an HK practitioner have been worked with and the practitioner has muscle-tested that no more work is needed, then there is no reason for anything to return. However, life events or changes in circumstances can create imbalance within the body once again, so once or twice-yearly top-up sessions […]

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