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Below is a list of recommended books (with brief reviews) covering Health Kinesiology™ and other complementary subjects. Click on the links below to jump to the the relevant place:
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Books on Health Kinesiology

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Books on Complementary Therapies

Many Health Kinesiology™ Practitioners also use a range of other complementary therapies during their sessions. Below is a list of recommended books and brief reviews kindly supplied by Jane Thurnell-Read.

The range of topics covered includes homeopathy, nutrition, feng shui and energy healing as well as books challenging conventional thinking on cancer treatment and vaccinations.

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Where To Buy The Books

Health Kinesiology™ by Jane Thurnell-Read is best bought direct from her web site, by mail order.

Jane will sign the book for you, if you wish. Just mention www.hk4health.co.uk when you order.

You can find all these books (and almost any other book currently in print) from 123 Price Check or from BookBrain , both of which scan a whole range of online book suppliers for you and help find the best prices. You might also try Amazon (or your local Amazon site if you live outside UK)