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Case Histories: Children & Teenagers

Young children are both a challenge and a pleasure to work with. They are particularly open to help with Health Kinesiology and often respond well, because they do not have any preconceptions about it.

Most practitioners use surrogate testing for testing babies and children: when a person cannot be muscle tested for whatever reason, the practitioner can muscle test another person who keeps physical contact with the person needing the HK  balancing. For example, babies or little children can be worked on whilst muscle testing their parent when the child is either held by their parent or in physical contact with them (or sometimes a self-testing technique may be used). The chosen testing method is then used to evaluate the child’s needs and to find the right way to bring them back into balance.

Teenagers are altogether different: they often present complex issues which can be very challenging. Today’s teenagers are subject to so many pressures and problems and our practitioners have the tools to help your child / teenager have a balanced approach to their situations.

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