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Case Histories – Examples & Case Notes

Health Kinesiology™ Practitioners work with clients of all ages who have various imbalances stopping them from achieving overall well-being. Below are some of the more common issues that clients have when they approach a Practitioner.

Please note HK Practitioners do not diagnose or treat a client but work with their BioEnergy system to re-balance the BioEnergy allowing their body to regain its natural balance.

This section of the web site has been curtailed due to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) guidelines that came into effect on 1st March 2011 and there are many aspects of HK that we are not free to print. Please speak to your local practitioner to see what they have experience in working with.


Complementary therapy and animals go well together. Under the consultation of a veterinary surgeon dogs, cats and other family pets BioEnergy systems can be rebalanced.

Children – Youngsters & Teenagers

All our practitioners work with children from time to time. We list several sets of case notes.

Discomfort In Various Areas

Clients have noticed a more flexible approach to their concerns after using HK.

Reactions To Foods, Etc & Intolerances

BioEnergetic reactions to various substances including foods, chemicals, etc are becoming much more common. Find out about milk, wheat, animal hair and other BioEnergy disturbances that HK has worked with.

Jimmy Scott’s Ph.D. definition of BioEnergetic Reaction Disturbance (BioEnergetic allergy):-

BioEnergetic Reaction Disturbance (BioEnergetic allergy) is an altered energy response (disturbance) at the BioEnergetic level. Tolerance is a metabolic issue – how much of a substance can the body handle at any given time without reacting to it, again at a BioEnergetic level.


Relationship difficulties create imbalances in relationships with partners, family, at work or elsewhere. See our case notes

Tension And Strain

Tension and strain can lead to imbalances at home and work, which can be the underlying causes of many blocks in our BioEnergy System.

The range of issues that Health Kinesiology Practitioners work with are wide. Please ring your local practitioner to see if they can help you.

Worries & Concerns

People with this debilitating disorder have reported a general feeling of over all balance after receiving kinesiology.

Disclaimer: Health Kinesiologists do not constitute a medical diagnosis; as well as taking responsibility for your own well being, it is recommended that you consult your GP who is medically responsible for you and your dependents.