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Clarification of Roles in HK

HK UK Membership entails:

HK UK is not a body, but HK UK membership offers you practitioner listing on the hk4health.co.uk web pages and HKI enews as the renewal form states. One does not need to be a member of the HK UK register in order to be a member of KF or FHT, which are professional associations, and vice versa provided one belongs to a professional association of one’s choice. Please ensure the text on your own page is dynamic, up to date and meets the ASA guidelines.

Technical and training related support:

The HK teaching team deals with all teaching, training and technical enquiries you may have. Please contact (any of) your teacher(s) directly for advice or support. This help and support is not dependent on a HKUK membership.


A complaint by a client against a practitioner

HK practitioners are covered by their insurance company and the code of conduct of the professional association of their choice.
Complaints from clients regarding practitioners are dealt with by the professional association that they belong to (for most this is either the Kinesiology Federation or the Federation of Holistic Therapist) according to their code of conduct and grievance procedures. Clients are advised to contact them directly. Please ensure that you have read and comply with the code of conduct of your professional organisation in order to safeguard yourself.

HK Professional Guidelines are introduced to learners at HK3 to give more specific guidance in order to protect practitioners against complaints. These guidelines are advice, not a code of conduct, but we expect each practitioner to be familiar with them. They are available to everyone on the members section of our website. Professional standards for complimentary therapists have increased significantly over the past 10 years or so. Clients are increasingly aware of their rights and expect high levels of professionalism from their therapists.

Claims are dealt directly by the practitioner’s insurance company.

Procedure download for any complaint received regarding the HKUK practitioner listing.

A Code of Conduct related complaint by a learner against a teacher

HK teachers hold a licence directly from Jimmy Scott, their Code of Conduct is separate and learner complaints worldwide are dealt with by Jimmy Scott. Complaint is to be emailed directly to him health.kinesiology@nexicom.net

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