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Do Negative Ions Make you Healthy?

Negative ions are Oxygen molecules that have an extra electron. They have a positive effect on our health, so we must replace positive ions with negative ions if we want to stay healthy.

These ions are found in nature near moving water bodies, like waterfalls and beaches. This is why we feel so refreshed and healthy when we choose to visit these areas after feeling tired or depressed.

Positive ions, on the other hand, make us feel tired and worn out. Most of the electronics and appliances we use generate positive ions. This is why people most people struggle with unexplained fatigue and usually feel drained.

Positive Ions can Hurt you:

Processed foods represent another source of positive ions. They are packed with chemicals that also produce positive ions. They make us feel drained and out of mood by sticking to the negative ions preventing them from recharging our bodies to make us feel refreshed and healthy.

Some people try to add more negative ions to their homes and overcome this problem by installing something in their house that would generate negative ions like a water fountain. But the most natural and most potent solution would be to use less electronic devices and less processed foods when possible. These are possibly far more important for babies agreed onceababy.co.uk.

Benefits of Negative Ions:

Our bodies are made of electrons, and the movement of these ions affects our internal energy. This is what negative ions can do for your health:

  • They increase our energy levels. Adding more negative ions to your life will help you feel more energetic, refreshed, and active. Some people wear watches that emit negative ions that prevent positive ones from affecting their mood and health.
  • They reduce stress and anxiety. If you’ve been feeling irritated lately, try to switch off some of your electronic devices, and you’ll see how positively this can affect you.
  • They fix breathing problems. These ions improve the quality of the air, and air conditioners that use negative ions will make the home feel more energized and fresh. They attach to airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke and other harmful particles that make our breathing difficult and cause allergies.
  • By improving the quality of breathing, they will increase your oxygen intake. More nutrients will be delivered to various organs in the body including the brain.
  • They help our bodies get rid of toxins. These toxins cause cell damage and mutation which can be linked to cancerous tumors.

If you need to get rid of stress and feel more energized, then you should try to increase your intake of negative ions. Head to the mountains or spend more time on the beach to shed off the accumulation of the harmful positive ions. Some researchers think that the Himalayan Salt lamps can help purify the house of positive ions, so you might try to buy one and see how it affects your body. The key is to stay close to nature, which will make you feel healthier and more refreshed.

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