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Health Kinesiology Training Tutors

Please contact the teachers directly for course enquiries. Course venues:

For general UK teaching inquiries please contact Franky Kossy franky.kossy@hk-training.org.

For Jimmy Scott’s Ph.D., Founder of Health Kinesiology, classes please contact Julie Tasker julie.tasker@hk-training.org 

Franky Kossy


Franky Kossy AKFRPFranky Kossy has been teaching Health Kinesiology™ for many years and has a thriving practise in London’s famous Harley Street.

She re-invented herself after having a successful career in accounting and IT and takes those expert managerial and teaching skills into her classroom. She shares her enthusiasm and experiences of HK with her students thus creating an informal, relaxed, humorous and easy atmosphere in which to learn, and at the same time balances it with a structured learners’ approach allowing adults to thrive. Her classes are purposely kept small to permit individualised attention offering an easy pace throughout the course.

She herself has been trained by Jimmy Scott Ph.D. She has dedicated all her own learning and energy advancement into taking as many HK courses as are available.

She believes that once you have HK you have it all!

Address: 1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD

Mobile: 07815 869598

Email: franky.kossy@hk-training.org

Website: http://www.healthkinesiology.co.uk/

Minna Oldfield

Me at the edge


My passion is to get more and more health kinesiologists on to the high street and into the awareness of the general public. As well as teaching health kinesiology, I have run my clinic for over 15 years. This experience supports your learning and transformation into a professional therapist, if that is what you want to be. Health kinesiology is my single passion and I have never looked back since finding it.

I have been a successful professional holistic therapist since 1998.  After qualifying as a Professional HK Practitioner in early 2004, I have enjoyed the permanent and amazing results that my clients report back to me. I have 800 HK course hours behind me, many of which have been training extensively with Dr. Scott, the founder of HK. I am a qualified teacher and Approved HK Teacher. Teaching and supporting many more people in this unique and amazing form of complimentary therapy fills me with pride and fulfilment.

“I find Minna to be very accepting, calm and clear when teaching – instilling a sense that everything is achievable.”

My courses are inclusive, relaxed and supportive. Let me introduce you to the fantastic world of Health Kinesiology!” – Minna

Venue: Morley Green, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9. Wilmslow is on the main train line from London to Edinburgh and about 10 miles south of Manchester.

Please contact me directly for any enquiries:

Email: minna.oldfield@hk-training.org

Mobile: 07929 835 471.

Website: http://www.bewell-naturally.co.uk/ For more testimonials.

Julie Tasker

Julie Tasker

Julie teaches internationally with students mainly from the UK, whilst some travel to the UK for her teaching.  She is happy to travel outside the UK to teach Health Kinesiology, based on the UK rigorous approach which may enable becoming qualified as a HK healthcare professional or, if you prefer, to work less formally.

Julie’s qualifications include:

BSc(Hons) – Education & Psychology;  BA(Hons) – Complementary Therapies;                                                            PGCE giving UK Qualified Teacher Status;     C&G for Adults as Learners;                                                                      MFHT     Advanced KFRP     Former Vice President of Federation of Holistic Therapists

Julie has a wonderful, flexible approach to teaching Health Kinesiology – teaching small groups and individuals to ensure they individually develop themselves as Health Kinesiology practitioners.  She uses her skills as a Qualified Teacher and Complementary Therapist, through being approachable and inspiring.  Julie encourages each individual towards achieving their own potential as they evolve in their HK practice, either as a HK practitioner or more informally to work with themSelf, and / or family and friends.

Julie acknowledges that Health Kinesiology ‘takes you’, and she has used her skills to offer support to HK students, HK practitioners and tutors over the years. Allow yourself to become qualified as a full Health Kinesiology practitioner – you’re worth it …& so are the people you work with.

Julie has undertaken a range of Health Kinesiology™ training, including advanced training from a variety of HK teachers, including the founder of Health Kinesiology™, Jimmy Scott.  Please contact Julie for more information about Jimmy Scott’s UK visits.

Julie successfully became a Health Kinesiology™ Practitioner in 2005, and still continues to find HK amazing and positively life transforming for those she works with as students, practitioners and clients. She realises that it is important for each HK professional to receive Health Kinesiology as a client – we are social beings and so receiving HK from others is important, and you will also learn to work HK for your Self.

Julie continues different roles to support and enhance promoting Health Kinesiology, and other complementary therapies, as professional healthcare.  She is working towards an integrated healthcare approach, including as a patient and public representative with NHSEngland, and her local medical surgery & hospitals.  Her previous roles include HKUK Education Co-ordinator and as a Vice President of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

Julie is willing to travel to deliver Health Kinesiology training – so if you have a small (or larger) group of people interested anywhere, world-wide, please contact Julie Tasker.

Usual venue address: 1a The Meadows, Blidworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK NG21 0QG                           Mobile: +447947 102 645  Email: julie.tasker@hk-training.org  Web site: www.jthealing.co.uk



For all UK teaching inquiries please contact Franky Kossyfranky@healthkinesiology.co.uk

Amanda Scott

Amanda is the Head of Health Kinesiology in UK.

Amanda became a Policy Board member of the Kinesiology Federation in November 2007-2010 and had a busy HK practice in Oxford and Surrey from 1993 – 2010. She now lives in Canada but remains in constant touch with the UK by remaining the Head.