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HK Structure and Affiliations

HK-UK is a professional association which qualified HK practitioners and students can join. It has two broad categories; teachers and practitioners (teachers are also practitioners). For administrative purposes the organisation is subdivided on these lines, as shown in the diagram below.

HKI is a group of volunteers from within the HK-UK community who assist with promoting and upholding the standards of HK-UK. This role includes controlling membership of the HK register and its upkeep on the HK-UK website. HKI thereby provides support and a forum for members.

The HK Teachers are responsible for training new practitioners and also provide continuous professional development support (CPD) for experienced practitioners.

HK-UK is affiliated with the Kinesiology Federation (KF) and the Federation f Holistic Therapists (FHT). KF and FHT status ensures that registered practitioners must have reached a professional level of competence. All HK-UK teaching activities leading to the award of HK or FHT qualifications must satisfy their requirements.

Qualified HK practitioners must be members of either the KF or FHT, or be a member of Embody, all of which fulfil broadly equivalent functions in providing a regulatory framework and an interface with any relevant legislative infrastructure.