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All HK practitioners will have signed a declaration to confirm that they agree to abide by the following conditions of Membership Requirement and associated Code of Conduct.

Terms of Agreement for Inclusion on The Register of HK UK Practitioners:
• Any client referred to me through the HKI Register will be offered Health Kinesiology and I will refer to myself as a Health Kinesiologist.
• In my professional activities I will always seek to ensure clients’ best interest.
• The session will involve muscle testing and conformance with the HK mode of practice
• If, in my professional judgement, HK seems inappropriate, then I will explain my reasons for suggesting other modalities to the client and will acquire their full conscious agreement before proceeding further with any such modalities. If they choose not to proceed, the consultation will be free
• In all my dealings with the public and with the media I will always make it clear, if and when, I am using techniques other than Health Kinesiology.
• I will charge a professional rate per HK session, although I may offer reductions in some cases. If I am a student member, I will accept donations only.
• I will respect client confidentiality at all times.
• I will ensure that it is possible for clients to contact me easily either by having an answer-phone or by ensuring that my phone is attended and that messages can be taken in a professional manner.
• I will provide a professional setting including a treatment couch, or similar, for HK sessions.
• I will ensure that information about me and my practice will be kept up-to-date and published on the appropriate websites. I will immediately update any changes in my name, address, telephone number or email address on the Website based Register Listing.
• If I am listed for several places of practice, all will be kept up to date and I will be available regularly at each location that is listed for me on the HK register.
• If I am unable to practice for a period of time I will update my information on the Website/Register immediately so that my name can be removed temporarily, thereby avoiding inconvenience to clients.
• I am familiar with and agree with the HK-UK Professional Health Kinesiology Therapist Guidelines.
• I will hold a currently valid Insurance Certificate stating that I am insured to practice Health Kinesiology and other modalities that I may offer.
• I will participate in a programme of Continuing Professional Development involving a minimum of 30 hours CPD activity every 2 years of which a minimum of 15 hours will be Kinesiology related.
• I will pay the appropriate annual registration fee payable to HK-UK.
• I will not bring HK into disrepute by, for example, openly criticising HK practices, other HK practitioners, teachers or colleagues.

Refusal or withdrawal of a membership:
HKI reserves the right to withdraw membership or to prevent any member from renewing membership for any reason; for example failing to comply with any of the above conditions, putting HK into disrepute, making a false register entry or giving rise to serious concerns subsequent to a complaint.

The HKI register team need not give reasons for withdrawals or refusals of membership and membership criteria may change from time to time without notice.