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by Amanda Scott on March 16, 2010

One of my clients asked if I would have a look at her horse, Harvey. Harvey, aged 20, had been diagnosed with Cushings Disease after two years of going down hill with lethargy, muscle wastage and laminitis. Homeopathy had helped him significantly and the owner was really pleased with his progress given the fact that he had not taken any drugs at all for his condition, but she wondered if Health Kinesiology™ might help him further.

After a couple of sessions Harvey’s energy levels and his general well being improved further. During the first session it was also picked up that there was an irregularity which he had had for many years that was linked to a knee splint that he had when he was 5 years old. This irregularity caused muscle wastage to his rear fore shoulder and he often stood with this leg in front of his other leg. After the work had been completed Harvey actually stood square again and no longer noticing the road cambers like he did.

The HK work was done with the permission from the Vet.

Thanks for all your help – Harvey.

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