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International Scientific Research Program

Jimmy Scott Ph.D, founder of Health Kinesiology™, has launched a scientific program of research to evaluate the effectiveness of kinesiology. Initially we are looking for people with any of the following:-

Allergies, intolerances, reactions to foods, pollens, chemicals etc.

Anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, stress, emotional and related symptoms.



If you feel that you have any of the above (and you may have a number of symptoms from different categories) then please contact one of the practitioners who are participating in the research program.

Project Design

Jimmy Scott Ph.D, founder of Health Kinesiology™ (HK), has initiated this scientific research program to formally evaluate the effectiveness of kinesiology.

Jimmy Scott Ph.D received his degree in Physiological Psychology from the University of North Carolina. He spent several years at the National Institute of Mental Health before joining the University of California School of Medicine, first in Davis and then in San Francisco. He published over 30 research papers in traditional scientific and medical journals and has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in scientific research.

His development of Health Kinesiology™ began in 1978 and continues to this day. Health Kinesiology™ is now an international movement with thousands of students and practitioners worldwide. Dr. Scott has been explicitly developing the Health Kinesiology™ energy model since 1982.

In the program, various research protocols will be used according to the client, each being asked to complete certain forms. Others information specifically relating to their particular symptoms will also be collected. In this way, a number of factors can be quantified before Health Kinesiology™ work, and then again later, so that changes can be reliably measured. Measures are in place to maintain client confidentiality and data analysis will be done by independent analysts who will not receive any identifying data.

Allergies and reactions to foods and other substances

Many physical, mental and emotional symptoms and illnesses have been linked to allergy or reactions to foods and other substances.

Amongst a wealth of work conducted in this area, in their book ‘An Alternative approach to Allergies’, Theron Randolph M.D. And Ralph Moss Ph.D document many case histories and discuss addiction, hyperactivity, alcoholism, withdrawal reactions, headaches, arthritis and related muscle and joint pains, fatigue and depression in relation to reactions to foods and/or chemicals. If you have either mild or chronic symptoms it may be that you have hidden allergies caused by certain foods and chemicals. If you would like to find out more please contact one of the practitioners involved.

Health Kinesiology™ was founded in 1978 by Jimmy Scott Ph.D (author of the best selling book ‘Cure your Own Allergies in Minutes’ ) when he discovered he was able to use kinesiology as a biofeedback technique to access information directly from the client’s own body and develop a program of work specific to each individual. Health Kinesiology™ has a range of techniques designed to identify and deal with allergy and the underlying disturbances.

Anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, stress, emotional issues and related symptoms.

Jimmy Scott’s doctorate is in the field of psychology and many of the Health Kinesiology ™ procedures have been developed from his specialist knowledge in this area. There are specific Health Kinesiology™ corrections designed for phobias and fears, as well as a range of HK BioEnergy work designed to help with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and emotional issues.


Pain can have many underlying factors, and as well as specific Health Kinesiology™ corrections designed to reduce pain, there is a comprehensive system of HK procedures designed to create balance and well being. Each client is unique and HK uses biofeedback directly from the body to establish the priority work for each individual.


Who can participate in the research?

Anyone can participate, all you need is a desire to return to health. Health Kinesiology™ is suitable for all ages, including babies and young children, and people in any state of health.

What does it involve?

Health Kinesiology™ sessions will be carried out in the usual way. In addition, we ask you to complete some information prior to the Health Kinesiology™ session, and again at a later date. It is necessary to gather certain information for every client, and there may be additional information asked for depending on your symptoms.

How do I find out more?

If you would like more information, for example about the research, what’s involved or how you can participate, please contact one of the UK practitioners involved, and he/she will be very willing to discuss any questions you may have.

For practitioners in other countries please go to http://www.hk-training.org/Kinesiology-Research-Program.html