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Resources for More Information

The Internet is full of information on complementary therapies and it changes day by day. Below we have selected some of the more useful web sites and books.

Web Sites:

Below is a set of links to other Health Kinesiology™ web sites that you might also like to visit. These are independent web sites, not maintained by us, so we cannot be held responsible for their contents. Below that is also a list of other interesting web sites on complementary therapy.
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Websites on Health Kinesiology

Websites on Complementary Therapies and Areas of Interest

  • Natural Health Webnatural-health-webThe Quick and Easy Guide to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine . This web site contains a lot of information about various therapies including kinesiology and links to many more web sites.
    See: Http://Www.Naturalhealthweb.Com/
  • Positive Health Magazine

    An excellent, thought provoking publication that has carried several supportive editorial features on kinesiology, as well as lots of other features on holistic therapies. One of the best. It is worth subscribing to the magazine – always an interesting to read.

  • What Doctors Don’t Tell You

    What Doctors Don't Tell You

    There are many web sites that offer to list therapists, often for an annual fee. Most of them are just the web equivalent of Yellow Pages and not much use in bringing in inquiries because of the way they are constructed (the coding does not help search engines to locate therapists by location). But this site is different – it does the job properly. The editorial is also very interesting and well written. An excellent site that has a lot of visitors. It is also worth subscribing to their monthly publication.

    See: Http://Www.Wddty.Com/

  • Cygnus Bookscygnus-booksThis free magazine is a gem! They select the best mind body spirit books from the 100s published every month, and make them available to you at reduced prices so that you can feed your soul….without burning a hole in your pocket! Available at MBS festivals and by mail. Their free monthly magazine has reviews of all the best MBS books – apply online for your copy. Well worthwhile!
  • BalensballensBalens provide insurance for therapists – and cover a range of different therapies. They have special expertise and long experience in successfully providing services for health practitioners and healthcare organisations.
    See: Http://Www.Balens.Co.Uk
  • The Organic Storeorganic-food-directoryA directory of organic food, farms, restaurants, cafes, shops, pubs, markets, bakeries and other organic suppliers in the UK. A fascinating web site, full of useful information for everyone who is interested in what we eat and where to get good organic food. Useful and well worth a visit.
    See Http://Www.Organic-Store.Co.Uk/
  • Angular Chelitis

    Cheilitis is defined as a condition in which your lip becomes inflamed and irritated. Angular is defined as a corner or angle. So angular cheilitis’ literal definition is inflammation and irritation within your mouth corners.

  • Foods Matterfood-matterThis magazine contains a range of features on all aspects of allergies and food intolerances. Available every 2 months from supermarkets like ASDA, Sainsbury, Morrisons etc, it is well worth seeking out a copy. If you like it, why not subscribe.
    See their web site: Http://Www.Allergymagazine.Com/
  • Organic Portalorganic-portalThis useful directory lists organic food suppliers in England , Scotland, Wales and Ireland – farm shops, veg box home deliveries, organic farms and other organic information.
  • Test4Allergiestest4allergiesThis is a UK web site devoted to allergies and food intolerances. It includes background information on allergies and intolerances and looks at various testing methods. There is also a link to 140 therapists across UK.
  • Action Against Allergyaction-against-allergyA national charity providing information, advice and support to all sufferers of allergy-related illness and those who care for them. It offers contact details of your nearest allergy specialists, clinics or dietitians. Membership gives access to a talk-line network and free magazine.
    Call 020 8892 4949 or visit Http://Www.Actionagainstallergy.Co.Uk
  • Chemical Free.Co.Uk

    An organisation that offers free information and a support group for anyone affected by multiple chemical sensitivity and multiple food intolerance.

  • Silenciomusic.Co.Uksilencio musicA site containing inspiring music for relaxation & healing; CDs & mp3s which have been specially composed to create an ambient oasis of tranquility and peace, as an aid to vital relaxation and to help combat stress.
  • Soothing Mindssoothing-mindsA starting point for everyone interested in healing energy for themselves, family and friends using sound, colour therapy, crystals, body and mind. Sign up for free monthly ezine including articles a variety of healing modalities.
  • MoonslippermoonslipperGhosts and the paranormal This lady specialises in spirit clearing work, and also ley lines and everything to do with making your home a holistic and happy one, including eco-products , crystals and tips on clearing clutter. It’s a good source of advice and information – given in a down to earth & non scary way!
  • Holistic Treatment For Dogscanine-health-concernThere is a useful web site called Canine Health Concern. It contains a wealth of useful information for dog owners, including a list of holistic vets in UK, notes on vaccination, correct feeding and other interesting topics.
    See: Http://Www.Canine-Health-Concern.Org.Uk/
  • Health Resource Directory

    HealthResourceDirectory.com is a leading health directory including yoga, beauty, healing, complementary, breast cancer, skin disorders, non-toxic living, health insurance, nursing home, long term care, holistic health and more.

    Http://Www.Health Resource Directory.ComHealth Resource Directory

  • Alkaline Foods

    Explode with energy by consuming alkaline foods and water.
    See: Http://Www.Energiseforlife.Com/List_of_alkaline_foods.Php

  • Alcohol And Your Health

    This is an informative web site that gives help and advice regarding alcohol, unit intake, facts, tips and tools. It gives you up to date advice on the effects of alcohol on your health and ways to look after yourself.