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Caroline East

Caroline East
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About Me:

A holistic approach with Health Kinesiology™

Health Kinesiology™ is an exciting, natural and gentle complementary therapy which works by bringing the body’s energy system into harmony and balance. HK works with the BioEnergy of the acupuncture system and the meridian pathways, identified by the Chinese 3,000 years ago and confirmed by conventional medicine today.

Our bodies are constantly responding to the environment, people and situations around us. HK gives us the opportunity to beneficially change and manage that body response. Sessions are calming and non-invasive, with benefits impacting on all levels. HK uses techniques to help us restore our sense of wellbeing, inspire change, and motivate us to step beyond the limitations we set ourselves.

Ten years ago HK changed my daily life beyond recognition. I have never looked back and encourage you to grasp the possibility of change with both hands.

Alongside HK, I work in management for a design consultancy and I strive to bring professionalism, balance and focus to both careers as they develop side by side. My own HK practice seeks to maximise your personal opportunity to achieve your goals, release your concerns and reach your full potential.

Correcting geopathic stress in your environment

I also do geopathic stress work, both in conjunction with HK and independently. Geo (earth) pathic (suffering) stress can affect the energy in our homes and offices, impacting on our ability to be balanced whilst we sleep, eat and work. A geopathic stress survey will seek out detrimental energy in your environment and establish corrections we can put in place to bring your home and/or workplace into balance.

Initiate a change for the better

I believe it is possible to experience the full potential life has to offer everyday. If you are willing to believe that change is attainable, then Health Kinesiology™ is for you. If you would like an introduction to HK or to talk about a geopathic stress survey, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Perhaps together we can help you reach your energy potential.

Client feedback

“I initially went to see Caroline on the recommendation of my physiotherapist and I was hooked from the first session. Caroline is warm, kind and non-judgemental and truly cares about the client and the service she provides. I love the way in sessions Caroline’s skills match and mirror exactly what is happening in my life that correlates to my physical health.

I believe now that HK is something I will use in my life forever. It is a ‘treat’, ‘my special time to be looked after’ and and so important for my general well being, especially as my career in involves me looking after the emotional needs of others. HK releases the blockages that are stored in our body, brought on by how we are feeling emotionally. It is incredible. I feel so grateful that my physio had the foresight and understanding to recommend Caroline to me, and that her HK skills were so on point as he had said. Could not recommend enough.” AG London

“I see Caroline along side my main GP on a wide range of health matters. I find HK offers a different perspective on health that is invaluable – it allows my body tell me what it needs to heal. Caroline has helped me with all sorts of issues. I also see Caroline when I am feeling well, just to maintain my health. I feel the benefits of our sessions immediately and always leave our sessions feeling much better. Caroline is extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable. I have been seeing her for a number of years and I can highly recommend her.” SC, Richmond

“I was very impressed with Caroline’s professionalism, friendly manner and, most importantly, the effectiveness of the session. I have been extremely pleased with the results, which were everything I hoped they would be.” EC, London

“I hesitated when I first went to HK because I didn’t think “alternative” was for me! However Caroline’s skills, along with her positive and sensitive approach, really delivered, and changed my pre-conceptions. I was truly surprised when within a week I saw a change for the better. HK is now a treatment I turn to first.” MI, Richmond

If you would like an introduction to HK or to talk about a geopathic stress survey, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Perhaps together we can help you release your energy potential.

Where I am located:

Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7JA

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