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Janice Hocking

Janice Hocking
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About Me:

I always felt that there must be some answer to the concerns I experienced bringing up my adopted autistic son Daniel, but it wasn’t until I discovered Health Kinesiology™ [HK] that I realised why certain things he encountered every day affected him so badly. We now call this ‘BioEnergetic Energy Disturbance’.

I was so impressed with the changes Daniel made that I felt impelled to train in HK myself, and during the classes I felt myself becoming transformed from an unfocussed wreck into someone who could see their way forward, becoming more and more positive. I began to see how the strain of having an autistic child in the house had suppressed my natural vitality and my ability to think creatively.

Now after experiencing HK I felt alive, invigorated and inspired!

Since 2000 I have been a Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional, with HK practices in Boston Spa, near Wetherby in West Yorkshire and at the Castle Clinic in Knaresborough. Most of the new people who come to see me are as a result of personal recommendation by satisfied clients – which is testimony in itself.

I have taken HK training classes up to Level 9, and have completed the 16P Causative Analysis course, the amazing Scott Protocol and Geopathic Stress I & II. I have also trained in Reiki, Sekhem Healing, Iridology, DNA Theta Healing, and Optimum Health Balancing. In addition, I run kinesiology classes for complete beginners and teach the advanced course of Assimilation Kinesiology to other practitioners.

HK is one of those things that you have to try for yourself in order to know how it can help you to experience a feeling of wellbeing. HK uses kinesiology – which is the art of muscle monitoring, using just a gentle pressure on the wrist or forearm, so it is suitable for all age groups. You will be lying on a couch, fully clothed, and once the session has started you will find yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

Rarely do people feel completely balanced, and so whatever the reason that is making you think about having HK, I will be able to tune into your body’s inner wisdom [by muscle monitoring] and hopefully reveal the specialist techniques and lifestyle changes that will help return your BioEnergy system to a state of balance and harmony. HK looks at all the facets – asking deeply what made the BioEnergetic imbalances occur, remain or increase, and what needs to be done to release them.

We are all unique! HK provides an a la carte menu of suggested techniques and activities designed specifically for you. I am constantly amazed and enthused by the wide range of changes that people are capable of – given the right input.

Please note that due to advertising guidelines there are many aspects of HK that I am not free to print here, but I would love the chance to discuss these in person.

Please give me call on 01937-845557 or 0777-601-6691 to talk in complete confidence.

PS. Daniel is now in his mid-20s and doing great!

Where I am located:

Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6PX

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Castle Clinic, Castle Yard, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, HG5 8AS

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