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Marion Boorman

Marion Boorman

About Me:

Today is NOT a rehearsal – it’s the REAL THING

Let yourself SHINE in every way – to enjoy EVERY MOMENT

Health Kinesiology – Simple Steps to Natural Wellbeing

In my search for knowledge on all matters concerning well being, the book ‘Health Kinesiology’ by Jane Thurnell-Read appeared in my long reading list – to be read at some time! It nudged its way to the top of the pile and once read – I just had to know more.

Health Kinesiology™ is a unique therapy which takes a very holistic approach, communicating with the body using gentle muscle testing – a technique of applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring how it responds; this response reveals exactly the procedure which is ideal for a person. Acupressure points are held (no needles are used) plus a whole range of “tools” to clear the imbalances and bring the body and mind back into wellbeing. The client lies relaxed and fully clothed on a treatment couch.

I am also trained in Reflexology, Chinese Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.


‘Although I was out of sorts when I went to the session, immediately afterwards I felt very different and all the heavy feeling in my heart had gone’.

‘I felt very relaxed and energized and much lighter when I left’.

‘I left Marion feeling so much better and felt strong to cope after a relationship breakdown’.

‘I just want to say I thought these HK sessions were wonderful. My parents and partner have seen such a change in me’.

I work from home in NEW MALDEN SURREY and most of my clients come from personal recommendations. I look forward to welcoming you & working with you.

Please call if you would like to make an appointment or for any further information.


Home: 020 8949 1142
Mobile: 0777 5656 829

Email: marionboorman@googlemail.com

Where I am located:

14 Malden Park, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6AS

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