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Phil Clubley

Phil Clubley
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About Me:

I have been enthusiastic about Health Kinesiology (HK) since my first session as a client which enabled me to overcome a serious issue that had been affecting my home and working life. My wife and two young children have also experienced many benefits from regular HK.

I decided to become an HK practitioner because of a real improvement in my life and wellbeing. I believe that HK has influenced this improvement and believe that it may help others too. What I love about Health Kinesiology is its ability to address the cause of a concern or issue– it doesn’t simply mask the issues. It is a gentle therapy which allows the client to restore their natural mind/body/spirit balance in the smoothest way possible. The most satisfying part is when a client experiences a positive shift in their lives – something which perhaps they had been unable to overcome before trying HK.

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‘HK has changed my life! It’s fantastic!!’

“Overall I am a much calmer and happier person thanks to HK and I have a more positive outlook on everything. I feel that my general wellbeing has improved and continues to improve. The sessions are very comfortable and relaxed and always give me good results.”

DC, Hornsea

‘HK is one of the best things I’ve ever done!’

“I went for HK. Phil made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I saw Phil on four occasions and I found these sessions very beneficial. For a couple of things I had immediate results. Others took a couple of sessions. I genuinely feel that HK also helped with things I did not realise I was having problems with. I would definitely recommend HK as it worked for me.”

KD, Hull

‘I’ve been able to go back to an active lifestyle.’

“I had HK recommended to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the 2 sessions I had were relaxed and pleasant. The result means I’ve been able to go back to an active lifestyle.”

JW, Brough

‘I was very pleased with my sessions. They have helped with my everyday life.’

“I had one session and I felt very comfortable and at ease – Phil was very relaxing and reassuring. My session was excellent and I learnt a lot about my body and how it works. I went back for a second session to help my body cope with a lot of personal trauma. I find it difficult to talk openly and my body was feeling the effects of hiding my feelings. I felt the benefit of this session immediately – it felt like my body had been cleaned of everthing that was stopping me from coping. The session helped me mentally and has helped me understand how to listen to my body tells me.”

LH, Hull

‘The results have always amazed me!’

“The session was both fun and really relaxing. Since then I have had further sessions for different issues and the results have always amazed me! I love HK!”

DW, Brough

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