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Why you Should Order your Contact Lenses Online During Coronavirus

Buying contact lenses online has always been a subject of controversy. There’s been great debate as to whether ordering online is even safe. Which of course it 100% is. It’s never been more apparent than in today’s current climate. The news dominating the headlines globally is all about the impact of Coronavirus and online as opposed to face to face transactions could be the answer to minimizing exposure and spread of the virus.

Is It a Good Idea to Order your Next Contact Lenses Online?

If you have been left worrying this week as to whether it’s a good idea to order your next batch of contact lenses online, then we’re here to positively re-assure you.

We can think of several reasons why you should order your contact lenses online during coronavirus. The most obvious, of course,  being the hygiene factor. But there are more reasons than that as we’re about to debunk. So let’s get started and bust the myths surrounding buying online.

Myth Number One – You Can Only Buy High Quality Contact Lenses from your Optician

WRONG! Any reputable online contact lenses retailer will have access to ALL the premium brands (acuvue trueye, Coopervision, Clariti, Dailies aqua comfort etc) that you can expect to find in your high street opticians. No matter what brand is your preference, quality online retailers will stock a wide range and without the need to go into a physical store, you are vastly limiting your exposure to viruses of any description, including the coronavirus.

Why put yourself at risk when it’s simply not necessary?

Myth Number Two – You Can’t Buy Contact Lenses unless you Send in your Prescription

Again, not true. If you’ve misplaced your prescription but have a pretty good idea of what your details are, don’t worry. Buying contact lenses online is quick, convenient and hassle free. The most reputable online retailers will provide you with the option to place an order without having your prescription directly on hand. Most of us probably know we’re -3.5 in the left eye and -4.25 in the right without being prompted!

However, if you’re not sure, we can check those details for you. Sure, it might take a little bit longer, but it still means that you don’t have to take yourself out of self-isolation and head into town for a new eye-test when you’re trying to do your civil duty and keep yourself on a temporary lockdown.

The key point to acknowledge here is that whether you place an order with or without your prescription directly in front of you, just make sure that you are regularly having eye tests. Within as little as a two year period, your vision could have dramatically changed so do keep on top of your routine eye tests.

Myth Number Three- You Must Buy the most Expensive Contact Lenses

Coronavirus or no coronavirus, what you should ultimately be buying are the contact lenses that your optician has already recommended. If you have been to one of the “popular” high street chains, you can certainly find equivalent branded alternatives that have been made by the same manufacturers but have just been packaged up differently so do consider that. The key is that you purchase the correct prescription and that you pay attention to any special issues that you might have, such as dry eyes for example.

The beauty of today’s modern contact lenses is that they’re designed to be compatible with pretty much everyone’s eyes. Ordering online actually provides you with the opportunity to try something new. For example, you might suddenly be struggling with dry and tired eyes, especially if you are spending long hours confined at home staring at your screen. So why not take advantage of online retailers and try something new, incorporating the latest in comfort and extended wear? If you are at all in doubt, always speak to your optician first before you switch to a new brand.

Myth Number Four – Buying Contact Lenses Online Can Cause Infection

NO! Bad hygiene can cause infection, not buying contact lenses online. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions it’s perfectly safe to order your contact lenses online during coronavirus.

Do not store them in regular water as this could contain harmful bacteria that can lead to eye infections. Likewise, do not store your lenses for longer than has been recommended. Always handle your product with clean hands too.

Why you Should Order your Contact Lenses Online During Coronavirus

It’s safe to say that buying your contact lenses online can save you the inconvenience and current risk of heading outdoors, especially at a time when you might be trying to limit your social access.  You can simply and easily order your contact lenses online any time you choose, providing you with complete flexibility, control and more crucially, peace of mind.

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