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Q13: What Are ‘Energy Meridians’ & Why Are They Important To Our Well-Being?

by Amanda Jane Brooks on June 18, 2010

A: The ancient Chinese discovered subtle pathways of energy that run around the body just under the surface of the skin. They mapped these pathways and marked various points along the pathways as being particularly significant. They found that these points can be used to release excess/blocked energy from the pathways, much in the same way that slip-roads release excess traffic from blocked motorways!

There are 14 main meridians on the human body. Two of them run directly up the centre of the body, one at the front, one at the back. The remaining 12 meridians are bi-lateral – i.e. they are in pairs, one on the left and one on the right of the body.

The Chinese discovered that each of these meridians directs energy into one of the main organs of the body (for example, we have a pair of meridians each for our liver, heart, lungs and kidneys). If the meridian becomes blocked, or malfunctions in some other way, the organ does not receive its usual amount of energy and becomes under-energised. It therefore doesn’t work as effectively and this can cause imbalances within the body. An organ can also become over-energised when too much energy is directed into it by a meridian.

The Chinese also found that certain emotions tended to under or over-energise particular meridians and so our thoughts and emotions can influence the functioning of our internal organs and bodies. For example, the kidney and bladder meridians are particularly influenced by fear and anxiety – most people can recall occasions when they have felt fearful and have had to visit the toilet more often than usual!

Resource: Meridians in acupuncture and infrared imaging by Lo Sy Pub.Med.gov

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