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Q4: What Is This Muscle-Testing Technique?

by Amanda Jane Brooks on June 18, 2010

A: You, the client, lie down fully clothed on a couch, with one forearm resting at right angles to the couch. The HK practitioner asks your body a question, or introduces a ‘stress’ item, (either an actual item or a thought), and gently exerts a light pressure on your arm to ascertain the level of resistance that your muscle is able to give.

If the muscle relaxes and ‘gives way’ this is interpreted as a ‘NO’ response or an indication that the item being tested is causing stress to your body or mind in some way. If the muscle remains strong and rigid, this is interpreted as a ‘YES’ response or an indication that the item is not causing stress to the body.

The HK practitioner follows a tried and tested series of questions, interpreting the answers from the muscle testing each time. In this way, the HK practitioner can discover what is weakening you, physically or emotionally, and more importantly, they can establish what is needed to strengthen you!
The practitioner will then perform the BioEnergetic corrections necessary to rebalance your system in the face of the ‘stressors’ thereby relieving energy into the system so your body is then freed up to implement its own innate self-healing process.

A range of other muscles can be used to carry out this muscle testing technique if needs be.

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