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Here is a quick list of contact details to order resources:-

Items Contact
Extra Magnets Any tutor
Life Transformers Christine Fowler
Test kits, boxes for vials/cosbats Jane Thurnell-Read
HK Books Jane Thurnell-Read
Cosbats Franky Kossy or your tutor
HK leaflets and stationery Fran Smith
Personalised HK leaflets and stationery Steve Reed
Posters, car stickers, etc via this site Printed Material

Contact Details

Names Contact
Fran Smith email: fsmith77@aol.com
Christine Fowler www.transformplus.ltd.uk
email: christinefowler@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 0191 284 7615 Mobile: 0777 3210 441
Franky Kossy Franky.kossy@hk-training.org
Phone: 07815 869598
Minna Oldfield Minna.oldfield@hk-training.org
Phone: 07929 835471
Steve Reed www.hkpublicity.co.uk
email: hkpublicity11@gmail.com
Julie Tasker Julie.Tasker@hk-training.org
Phone: 07947 102645
Jane Thurnell-Read www.lifeworkpotential.com Telephone: 0844 412 4487
Fax: 01726 819009
Media, Articles HKUKpromotions@gmail.com
General HK Enquiries hkforhealth@gmail.com
HK Register HKUKregister@gmail.com


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Material for HK presentations
Core subject accepted courses
Progression to KFRP/MFHT
ASA guidelines (FHT members have support for more statements, members can contact FHT directly for their ASA guidelines booklet).
HKUK practitioner Complaint procedure (HKUK members are bound by their federation’s code of conduct and have Professional Guidelines that offer extra protection against claims).