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Sedentary Lifestyle causes Disease

Today, people do not seem to care about the lifestyle they are living in. Children have become physically inactive because of their addiction to computer games, smoking is rampant, and poor diet and nutrition is evident. This lifestyle is called sedentary lifestyle.

When you are living a sedentary lifestyle, you already increase your risk to serious health complications. It doubles the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Did you know that these diseases are the common leading cause of death?

What’s the sad part here is these diseases and sedentary lifestyle is preventable, but it is the person’s decision to move and save his or her precious life.

It is our responsibility to prevent this diseases.

With the said risk of having a sedentary lifestyle, health institutions and the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that an individual should have a healthy diet and a moderate physical activity each day for 30 minutes. For those with disability Kymco scooters is an option to be mobile.

Moreover, vices like cigarette smoking should be ceased.

We have to encourage one another that we have to move and adopt to a healthier lifestyle.

You can also contract diseases from simple things like dirty water make sure you clean your inflatable hot tub.

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