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Sole Trader by Jane Sheehan

by Amanda Jane Brooks on July 9, 2012

Step by step guide to launching a successful holistic therapy business

Jane Sheehan, the UK’s leading Foot Reader, has launched her third book, Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook.

Jane has incorporated in this latest book everything she wishes she had known when she first set out on her own ‘Sole Trader’ journey. It is designed to act as ‘a mentor in your pocket’ and give therapists a head start when setting up their own business.

It is the only handbook of its type that is specifically aimed at the holistic therapist.

Sole Trader contains all the usual business book chapters, such as self-promotion, how to negotiate, writing a business plan and managing cash flow, but incorporates some more unusual topics such as getting the most out of pamper evenings, addressing client confidentiality and beating isolation. The book even covers topics such as when to ‘sack’ a client (even in a recession) and learning from failure.

Jane explains the passion behind Sole Trader: “Most people who start their own business, don’t start it because they’re passionate about business. Far from it. They start it because they’ve got a hobby that they are passionate about and think it might be fun to get paid to do it for a living. So I decided to write this book so that others can replicate my success by following their passion for holistic therapies and translating them into a viable business. And I have tried to achieve this without baffling the average reader with business-speak, but by demystifying some of the business ‘dark arts’ such as marketing, PR and book-keeping!”

Sole Trader follows two other successful books written by Jane, Let’s Read Our feet and The Foot Reading Coach, both available through Jane’s website www.footreading.com or through Amazon, priced at £14.99 each plus p&p.

More information can be found at www.footreading.com.

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