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Why exercise is important regardless of age

There are multiple reasons why humans become sedentary with age. Some common causes are age, weight, pain, diseases, medical conditions, and other health issues. Many adults grow lax with their bodies as they grow older. However, the reverse should be followed. As we get older, leading an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Physical activity helps lead a fit lifestyle. You can be social, meet people, and enjoy the benefits of a long life.

It is a widely known fact that exercising reduces the chances of diseases and improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, and curbs stress, tensions, and heart diseases. There are lots of benefits of starting even late in your golden years. There is no exact age to start exercising. You can begin exercising post-retirement, and it will still give you fantastic benefits. Even if you are using some type of mobility vehicles, there are still plenty of exercises you can do in accordance with your possibilities.


Mental Health Benefits:

  •     Boosts mood and confidence: Exercise helps improve physical conditions, which in turn increase the circulation, digestion, and so on. Exercise also helps relieve stress and tension and produces endorphins that work to improve your mood. It further reduces and hypertension and helps in feeling happy and optimistic the entire day. Being active helps you look and feel good, and elderly citizens get a shot of self-confidence to last the, throughout the day.
  •     Keeps the mind agile: exercising for the elderly is crucial since it helps keep the mind active and sharp. Exercising helps stimulate the nerves in the brain that are connected to focus and concentration. Solving word puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords, and so on becomes a lot simpler after an hour of workout or walking. Exercising also helps keep diseases like memory loss and dementia at bay and helps retain the cognitive functioning of the mind. Multitasking and creativity get unlocked with the help of a fit and healthy mind. Many elderly citizens take up forgotten passions from their youth like learning to play a musical instrument, reading, writing a book, pottery, and so on.
  •     Improves sleep: Exercise for the elderly is crucial. Several Apps can help with exercise and sleep cycle patterns. Good quality sleep is vital for good health. Regular activity and exercise can promote restful nighttime sleep and can help the natural circadian rhythms of the body to optimum levels. Sleeping well allows everyone to get up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



Physical Health Benefits: 

  •     Maintain or lose weight: It is a widely known fact that metabolism reduces with age. The metabolism that 20-year-olds have cannot be compared to the metabolism of people above the age of 50. Maintaining a healthy weight that helps retain muscle mass can be challenging. Exercising helps improve metabolism and allows proper digestion of food. As the metabolism increases, so does the ability to maintain or lose weight. You can burn more calories, pump weights, and maintain good overall muscle mass with the help of exercising. Since weight is directly correlated to the type of lifestyle you live, making a lifestyle change to include daily exercise helps keep the balance perfect.
  •     Increases mobility and flexibility: exercise helps improve flexibility, movement, and proper posture. These help improve balance, reducing the risk of falls, and coordination. They also help improve motor control and reflexes. Instincts develop, and alertness in muscle movement is possible thanks to daily exercise routines.
  •     Reduces illnesses and diseases: According to heatlh experts at Coda Pharmacy, exercise for the elderly helps decrease the risks of infections. Heart conditions, cholesterol levels, obesity, osteoporosis, breathing issues, and fatigue are reduced with exercising. Improvement in bone density levels, blood circulation, digestion, and daily bowel movement is possible with the help of regular walking or jogging. Elderly citizens need not take expensive memberships in gyms and local fitness clubs, however, an occasional game of tennis, squash, or a swim can help them in leaps and bounds.


With the advent of technology, almost everyone owns smartphones. Most elderly citizens have slowly become tech-savvy and can easily open Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media.

There are several online resources like https://exercisefortheelderly.com/ that can help elderly citizens exercise. Some of these Apps even offer a diet plan that can be followed for a fee. These online charges are negligible, but they help improve health drastically. You could also invest in an annual membership to help you with a personalised diet and exercise plan. Many Apps also allow you to sync fitness trackers to track sleep and day cycles.

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